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Teaching Your Kids About
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Here's what you need to know about introducing
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How to remove Cerber Ransomware and restore your files
Ransomware is a type of software attack that is designed to block access to your computer's files until a fee is paid to the attacker. The attack gets its name from the criminal practice of keeping items from their owners to extort money to secure their safe release.
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5 Computer Hacks That Go Unnoticed
Here are five computer hacks that hackers know but most people don't...
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Why You Must Read App Permissions
T's and C's App-ly - Here's Why You Always Read the the App Permissions First
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5 Top Tips to Catching Malware in the Act
Computer running slower than usual? Here are five simple ways to find out if your Apple or Windows PC is being held back by malware or other malicious software...
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How to Come Up With an Unhackable Password Combination
Concerned About Password Strength? Here are 5 Tips to Creating an Unbreakable Password Combination...
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How to Keep Your Children Safe on Snapchat
Snap-Happy - 5 Reasons Parents and Kids Should Be Vigilant When Using the Photo-Sharing App Snapchat
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