How to come up with an unbreakable password combination

Concerned about password strength? Here are 5 tips to creating an unbreakable password combination...

Is it really possible for us to come up with a password we can safely assume is "unbreakable"? Probably not, as we have seen cybercriminals adapt to changes in digital security throughout history.

However, there are certainly ways you can come up with an all-but-unbreakable password combination to protect your private files and folders. Don't worry, it's not all down to complex numbers and symbols either.

Cryptic passwords are gradually becoming a thing of the past, with password length now proving to be a more effective way of making your password unsolvable. A sentence is much easier to memorise and proves to be a much stronger password as well. But what kind of sentence should you come up with? And how can you be sure it's memorable? Here are 5 tips to creating the strongest possible password you will never forget...


Choose a Favourite Movie Quote

Movie quotes can be pretty obvious, but most would be very difficult to hack. What would be even more challenging is a quote from a movie you cherish. An obscure movie or song lyric is your first step to creating the perfect length password combination.

Once you've chosen a favourite quote or lyric, it's time to go that extra mile for a superior level of obscurity. Exchange some of the letters with numbers that resemble those letters; for instance, an "S" could be swapped for a "5".


Draw Out a Pattern On Your Keyboard

The standard keyboard layout can be found on almost all computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. so this option can work really well. Draw out a pattern on your keyboard in a similar way you would use a smartphone login pattern.

You should trial the pattern you choose a few times first before making it your password or note the shape of your pattern in a notebook. A keyboard pattern throws up all kinds of obscure letter and number combinations, so while it's not a sentence, it is an incredibly tough password to crack.

how to come up with a strong password
  • A weak password is the equivalent of leaving your front door wide open - allowing thieves to gain easy access to your home
  • Longer passwords are much stronger than shorter ones - 8 characters should be the absolute minimum
  • Experts suggest coming up with a sentence that you can easily remember to act as your password - or using specialist password security software

Use Industry Language

Now here's an interesting one. By industry language, we mean any sentence you can come up with that is relevant to your profession. This phrase or statement should be clear to you, however bizarre or confusing it may sound to those with no knowledge of your industry. There's always a possibility (albeit small) that movie quotes can be guessed with the help of incredibly tireless hacking algorithms.

The only way to really enhance a password to unbreakable status is to use words in your sentence that are uncommon. An industry phrase could be something medical for instance, which uses words only a doctor or nurse will be used to.


Pick Obscure Words

When coming up with a sentence to use for your password, you should try and use a couple of words that are quite obscure or uncommon. Older words from Shakespearean plays are an excellent choice, as are made up words that you are familiar with in fantasy novels or literature. These are much harder for hacking algorithms to crack, pushing your password to greater heights of security.


Change Them!

Yes, it's frustratingly annoying to do. Yes, it can get a little complicated. However, changing your password every now and then is one of the most effective ways of protecting your secure accounts.


Ultimately, the process is the same each time - come up with a new, specific and reasonably complex sentence only you will remember based on anything from movie quotes to industry lingo.