Conversation Is Key: Top Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Changes in online behaviour

As technology accelerates, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the dangers diminish. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and devices, get sleeker, smarter and faster, but so too do hackers find ever more ingenious ways to access your data and compromise your online safety. Recently, we’ve seen rising cyber-attacks which have crippled the NHS, growing ransomware scares and even chip flaws which have affected personal devices.

Children too, are accessing the web more than ever before. It’s not an uncommon sight to see young children who are more technologically savvy than their elders - swiping through tablets with a confidence unimagined years ago. So the big question is, what can you do as a parent to keep them safe online? The most important thing is to talk to them openly about online safety. Conversation and caution are the biggest safeguards you have against threats and although it’s important to talk, there are also ways you can help stay safe against threats that may slip through the cracks.


Parental control features:

Talking about the dangers is important, but with hackers constantly finding new ways to infiltrate systems, having a customised content filter in place will ensure that members of your family only see what’s suitable for their age group, making the web safe for the whole family.

Safe search filters:

Every second, there are 40,000 searches on Google, and with this many searches there’s bound to be unsuitable content which manages to slip through the search engines. Using a safe search filter means you can rest assured that inappropriate content is excluded from these searches - children will only see what’s suitable for them.

Screen-time management:

We’ve all been there, when for the third time in 15 minutes you hear, ‘just five more minutes’. Well, with a screen-time management tool, you can set schedules and reduce the amount of time individual family members spend online, meaning more quality family time.

Child activity log:

An activity log helps you to monitor if any child is trying to access blocked sites or get out-of-hours access. You can’t be monitoring them 24/7 but by checking the activity log, you’ll be able to have open conversations with your children about accessing the web at the appropriate times and more importantly, accessing it safely.

Staying Safe

The ever-changing nature of our digital world means it’s more likely you’ll be the victim of a crime online than in real life. Yet even with rising threats, being aware of the dangers means you are empowered to protect yourself and your family online. When it comes to ensuring that children are safe online communication is one of the most effective weapons you have. Open conversations about online safety, paired with antivirus security and robust parental controls allow you and them to avoid the dangers, and enjoy the benefits, of the online world.


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